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Absinthe Glasses

 Absinthe Barware
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Absinthe Publicity glasses

Various styles of glass incorporating producers logos and branding

Egg and Swirl absinthe glasses

These are perhaps the most common absinthe glasses found. The swirl design acts as a mark for measuring the dose of absinthe. The egg glasses had an etched line marking the dose.

The picture is a detail from a water colour by an annonymous artist, this style of glass can be found in most 19th Century paintings of absinthe drinkers

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East absinthe glass

Typical tall Y-shaped absinthe glass popular in the East of France. The dose was etched into the glass or marked by a swirl. Available in plain and cut versions.

These glasses feature in the painting 'The Absinthe Drinkers' by J Raffaelli.

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Cordon absinthe glasses

An absinthe glass with the dose marked with a raised 'cordon' around the lower part. Rare. The picture is from a Victorian photograph showing a group of gentlemen drinking absinthe.

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Pontarlier absinthe glasses

Similar to the reservoir absinthe glass but with a distinct outward swell to the reservoir. The name 'Pontarlier' derives from the famous still life painted by Charles Maire in which this type of absinthe glass featured. These absinthe glasses are very rare and expensive.

Chope Yvonne absinthe glasses

Tall narrow absinthe glass available in either plain or cut glass, some of which have the dose etched into the side. Becoming rare.

The picture is a detail from a painting by Vincent Van Gough showing a Chope absinthe glass with a water carafe.

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Reservoir absinthe glasses

These absinthe glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes but are usually around 6 inches high and wider than dosage marked glass. The dose of absinthe was poured into a reservoir at the base of the glass. These glasses were used exclusively for absinthe. All reservoir glasses are rare and much sought after amongst collectors

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